Walk Local, wherever you are

'Geocaching - the sport where YOU are the search engine !'

What is Geocaching, I hear you say? Is there any Geocaching in the UK ?
Well, if you enjoy getting out in the fresh air, and you like map reading and you have the sort of mind that enjoys
quizzes, then Geocaching is almost certainly for you.

At its simplest, Geocaching is going out to find something hidden in the countryside, and believe me, world wide, there are hundreds of thousands of 'caches'. Caches range in size from large Tupperware boxes down to 35mm film canisters, all contain at least a log book, but many contain trinkets or Travel Bugs. When you find the cache, you sign the log and usually take one of the trinkets and leave something else, and you record your visit on a web site

To find your nearest cache, log on to and click the 'Hide and Seek a cache' button (or use THIS shortcut)- put your  postcode in, and it will list all the caches in your area, nearest first ! All caches have a latitude & longitude, and GB caches also have a grid reference, and there are often puzzles you have to solve as well.

N.B. - Geocaching is a lot easier if you have a hand-held GPS, but you can still find them without as long as you have map-reading skills and perseverance
When I first created this page in 2006, there were 188,509 caches in 216 different countries around the world - last May, there were 753,357, as of 16:48 on the 11th Sept 2010 there were 1,184,535 !!
 If you are interested  in caching, look for geocaching groups on Facebook




One of the principles adopted by geocachers is CITO - 'Cache In, Trash Out' - take a binbag and bring some rubbish home, a good principle for any outdoor activity