Hutton Roof
Hutton Roof

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Where            Hutton Roof and Farleton Fell
Distance         12.2km / 7.6 miles
(total) Ascent  330m / 1100ft
High Point       284m / 932ft

Parking -My route starts from outside St Johns Church SD569787 where there is some street parking available. Alternatively try street parking at SD550787 or use the Car park at SD553761 and use the footpath through Crag House to join the route
Toilets/Refreshments - none

Terrain - For the most part gentle, although limestone pavement always needs treating with respect if you value your ankles. The path up on to Hutton Roof is vague in parts and it is CROW access land, so you could end up wandering anywhere !

Map Required Explorer OL7 English Lakes SE buy it here from Amazon


From the church head south down the lane and through the village

At the footpath sign leave the road and follow the driveway through the new buildings which becomes a farm track at the rear

Go through the waymarked gate to the right of the track and follow the path uphill

Cross the wall at the stile

Cross another wall at another stile

At the field corner, leave the fields and sheep sheds on your left and walk through the trees, sticking close to the fence on your left, and past the low stile near the end

When you come to the stone wall, head North on to Hutton Roof Crags, keeping the wall close to your left, until…

The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice 2 step-stiles close together in the wall at this point (Stones laid in the wall that stick out, to use as steps). Climb the stile and you should be able to pick out a faint path at this point. You are on access land here, and these paths are not rights of looking back down that 'obvious' pathway so you won’t find them on the map. Head along this path

When this path crosses another faint path on top of a low (ca 1m) but noticeable limestone scarp, take the path to the right. Around SD557774 you need to bear off to the left away from the scarp, coming to a path at...

Take this path to the left towards the trig point

From the trig point, take the path that heads NNW, which in places follows the grikes through the clints then out into the open where you can see a cairn in the near distance

When you’ve had your lunch at the cairn (and why wouldn’t you, a good place to stop on a sunny day) follow the path north again. This very quickly brings you to a small area of limestone pavement and you should be able to pick out the path which goes round the right of this, then there is a short drop down at the far side of the pavement onto an obvious path – take this to the left

Cross the road at the stiles, past the microwave (really !) and follow this farm track up to the base of the small scarp

Where the track forks. Take the left fork that rises gently across the face of the scarp and heads north once the scarp is crossed

Take the left fork, the path running roughly parallel to the wall on your left

At the path junction take the left for heading NW and with the wall immediately to your left

At the path junction, go straight across and up to the cairn on Farleton Fell, straight in front of you, then come back to the path junction

Take the path back to the left, following it round the side of Newbiggin Crags for some while

Some way to the left of the path is a wall – head for this and follow it down to Newbiggin Lane

April 2019 - I’m told the route alongside the wall is massively overgrown with gorse and difficult to follow -
you may want to consider carrying on to meet the footpath that goes through Whin Yeats, and  doubling backk down to Newbiggin Lane

Turn right down Newbiggin Lane, taking the left hand fork at the first junction and the right hand fork at the second

Where the lane bends left, follow the track that carries on straight ahead

Join the road and head right, back to the church


Click here to download this route as a pdf file with more detail