Coniston Low Level
Coniston Low Level

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You get to Coniston, planning to go up the Old Man and the weather is awful - try this instead
Distance 11 1/2 km, Ascent 245 m
Terrain - mixed - well walked and maintained paths most of the way but very boggy stretches between Tranearth and Spoon Hall
Refreshments - Teahouses in Coniston, Toilets at the Information Centre. Also pubs in Torver, half way round

Car Parking NT Car park in middle of Coniston – SD303 975 – very expensive and they actually charge per 20 minutes, while Coniston Sports Club currently charge £3 to park all day – SD304 978
Alternative start - public car park at the old station SD299 974
ToiletsAt the car park in Coniston centre – you’ll need 20p!
RefreshmentsVarious cafes and pubs in Coniston
Map required OL7, English Lakes South East - click here to buy it from Amazon


From the car park by the information centre, turn right down the B5285, and walking out of the village for about 1/2 km, then take the footpath on the right had side of the road, which takes you to the lakeside, and then to the launch point for the ferry


Take the road towards Coniston, turning left just before the white buildings, (one of which is an outdoor shop, if you wish to pay a visit). The route goes between the buildings and rejoins the road, but you take the signed path to the left. Where this joins another path, go left to and through Coniston Hall. Leave the hall on your left and go through the campsite, keeping to the left hand track/path, which takes you to the Lakeside. Walk along the Lakeside, past the sign for Torver

conistonfallentreeEventually you come to a slight diversion away from the lake shore, and here you head uphill into a small, narrowing valley, coming out at a wet footpath that takes you past Brackenbarrow Farm. Cross the surfaced road and take the path straight across the boggy, horse-trodden field opposite. A plank walkway has been obstructed at the far end by a fallen tree, but this is negotiable with care. From here head for the buildings and the A593 - left down the main road, over the bridge and right up the minor road

Keeping going up the minor road, going right in front of the house called Scar Head - this track becomes smaller and smaller, being little more than a path after you pass the climbing hut at Tranearth. After Tranearth, take the bridge over the stream on your right just before the quarries, and once over the bridge, go right again. Cross the first wall and carry on until you come to the second, turn left uphill with the wall on your right and cross the wall at the stile (The map shows the path on the left of the wall at this point - it is not). Carry on for a few yards - the wall on your left is now collapsed, and you cross it so it is on your right again. (pic below !)


Eventually, as you start to descend, another path crosses yours at 90'. You need to go left along this for a matter of feet, then right, so you have a wooded slope going up on your left and a stone wall on your right. Follow this very muddy path until you reach the sheepfold. Go through the gate and across the field, heading for the small wooden gate where you cross a narrow track. Go straight on and you end up in a field infront of Spoon Hall - exit this field by the large green metal gate and go down the driveway

After a few yards, the driveway runs parallel to the old railway line, which is now a public footpath - take this route back into Coniston (past the car park at the old station, which is the alternate start). At the end of the footpath carry on past the houses, past the Mountain Rescue Post, turning left when you meet the road ad Dixon Ground - this takes you back down to the A573, where a left turn puts you back in the centre of Coniston

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