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A circular walk from Malham - this is a gentle stroll EXCEPT for Gordale Scar, which is a scramble
Distance - 11.6 km/7.2 miles, 226 metres/1060 ft ascent
Terrain - mainly well maintained paths,
except for the climb up Gordale scar
Refreshments - Cafes and pubs in Malham, Refreshment vans at Gordale and near the Tarn (though not all year)
Parking - there is a pay and display car park in Malham, or for an alternative approach off-road parking near Malham Tarn

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Out of the car park turn left towards Malham Village, and before getting into the village proper, take the footbridge on the right, over the stream and right again. Follow this path downstream, through numerous gates and styles, taking the path to the left at Mires Barn

This path, paved in places, will bring you to the waterfall at
Janet's Foss - before you get to the waterfall, keep an eye out for the tree stump studded with coins, as if it were a wishing well

Just past the Foss you will reach the road - go right up the road and then left through the gate into Gordale. The path is at first level, and the valley narrows around you. The
scar is a 20ft climb, requiring hands and feet, and you go up the middle, between the streams of water


Once above the scar, the path heads left away from Gordale towards a stone wall. Keep the wall on your left and at the far corner, exit the field at a stile. For the geocachers, a trip down Mastiles Lane, will bring you to Cerritus Securiferus. Walkers should continue along the gravel track, past the small ponds and left just before the stone wall, passing alongside Great Close Plantation. Follow this path to the corner of Lings Plantation, then bear slightly left towards the foot of Malham Tarn. From the outlet at the bottom of the tarn, it is probably adviseable to keep the beck quite a distance to your right, as it can be quite boggy. On reaching the road, head west for a short distance, and take the pennine way of to the left. Where the path forks, take the left hand fork, signed 'Water Sinks'. From here an obvious, well marked and well used path takes you past the sink and down Watlowes Dry Valley, emerging at the western end of Malham Cove, a spectacular 80m high dried up waterfall. The face is often occupied by climbers and by Peregrine Falcons - in the spring and summer, the RSPB operate an observation point down in the valley

From the Cove, head west across the limestone pavement, and at the far end you will find path that takes you down to the bottom of the cove

Descend this path, and at the bottom, a short excursion left will take you to the bottom of the cove itself, while the path right returns to Malham

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